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Russian four-handed chess: myths and misconceptions
Georgi Markov

The only comprehensive and reliable descriptions of four-handed fortress chess were published in 1850 and 1862 by the Russian master A. D. Petrov, who had first-hand experience with the game. An earlier source omits numerous details regarding the rules; later sources digesting Petrov’s description contain misconceptions and outright mistakes. The article at- tempts to refute the errors accumulated in the literature and accentuate the few minor points in the rules left uncovered by Petrov. An adaptation of the four-handed game for two players is provided. 

Four-handed chess; chess history; chess variants
Published: 2015/12/12
Received: 2015/06/01
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Georgi Markov
National Museum of Natural History — BAS 1 Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd., 1000 Sofia Bulgaria

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